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Contract Changes Benefit Real Estate Consumers

Recently, The Real Estate Association and Provincial Government made some changes to the way contracts are to be written, below is there publication.


Vancouver, BC – May 10, 2016. Consumer awareness took a step forward with the announcement of new requirements for real estate contracts.

Following on a promise made by Premier Clark in March, as of May 16, 2016 the government will require contracts prepared by real estate licensees to include clauses stating that the contract cannot be assigned without the written consent of the seller, and that any profit from an assignment goes to the initial seller. Clients can instruct licensees to omit or change the clauses.

“Real estate consumers now have

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Here at we recognize that the Vancouver real estate market can be an opportunity for some home buyers. The Vancouver market has seen some changes in the last year, and we hope that the following information can help inform home buyers about their decision to buy property in Vancouver.   The following information is representative of high-end properties ($5 million+) located on Vancouver's Westside, between January – July 2007 and January through July 2008, respectively, but generally reflects the Vancouver market as a whole.    
Detached Homes Vancouver Westside $5million+    
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     I was curious about our sales of detached homes on Vancouver's Westside because I have a listing that is getting alot of action, and I was looking for price support in recent sales (my colleagues in real estate says using comparables sales is impossible in this market). I found there were 18 sales this December since the start of the month - first 17 days - (same period last year there were 37). Now for the crazy part, how many single detached are currently available in the market? 822

     Obviously, if you want to sell in these market conditions, you'll have to be flexible. Most people who have owned for awhile are best able to handle these circumstances. If you need real estate advice, call Mike Andruff @ 604-644-0056 or

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The other day I was reviewing my web stats and was interested to note that Kerridale is one of the most popular subareas on my site. I can understand this because I owned my first home for 12 years in Kerrisdale. My boys played youth soccer for the red and gold, my daughter and I skated at the Kerrisdale arena, and when the day was done we all enjoyed muffins and cookies from Moore's Bakery. A recent web visitor beamed in from Abu Dhabi to see the latest in good ol' Kerrisdale. It seems we are all alot closer than we realize.
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An interview with Rob Regan-Pollock

     O.K. you've just negotiated a contract for your dream piece of property. One of your conditions precedent (subject conditions), is to arrange your finances before your subject release date. If you have watched this video, your are likely prepared to proceed with your purchase. No worries here mate! But if you haven't prepared for your financing, ooops, a major bump in the road to your purchase. This is happening more often times than not.

     For example, your credit score for your lender may produce surprise results. If your know this in advance of your purchase, things can be done to ameliorate your score, making your approval a success. Your mortgage broker is the resource person to aid you in this

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Team Andruff Real Estate

     In a recent trip to Ixtapa, Mexico, I reflected on the merits of using a real estate team to help you with real estate service. The setting is exceptionally beautiful and far away from our normal setting.


     Granted I am no Rick Steves, but I'm sure we can all relate to a warm climate holiday.

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     Home buyers need sound advice from an inspection service before their deal goes unconditional.  If unexpected conditions are found during the inspection, proper guidance will help the buyer determine how to proceed with the deal.

     In British Columbia, effective April 1, 2009, all property inspectors must be licensed with the provincial government. This requirement will help ensure the independent inspection services are properly trained to serve the public. The three bodies approved for licensing are: the BC Institute for Property Inspectors (CPI's), The Canadian Association of House and Property Inspectors (RHI's), and the National Certification Program.

     Choosing the right inspector for your needs in many ways comes down to

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     The 2009 Canadian RE/MAX Convention was held in Banff, Alberta. Agents attended from every province. These are the top professionals in the business and it provided the opportunity to get some great tips for those planning to purchase property.


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A recent study by the National Association of REALTORS® suggests that 84% of home buyers used the Internet to search for homes. The typical buyer searched for eight weeks and viewed 10 homes.  Most importantly REALTORS® were viewed as a very useful information source by 70% of buyers searching for a home. So as you search for your next home on the Vancouver Property Finder website, we hope our services will be equally important to you.
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     Mike Andruff, is always striving to ensure their clients get the best service when looking for a Vancouver property. To help us, at Vancouver Property Finder, determine how best to meet the needs of Vancouver homebuyers, we would like to know the following.        The National Association of REALTORS® recent study on home buying indicated that in 2007, 79% of home purchasers used a real estate agent or broker.  
  1. What do you think the most important factor in using a REALTOR® is?

          a)      Help finding the right home to purchase 

          b)      Help with price negotiations and paper work?   

          c)      Help determining what comparable homes in an area are selling for?

  1. Is it more important for
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