Team Andruff Services for You 

Wanting to customize your real estate experience, Team Andruff offers different services for your real estate needs. 

Team Andruff Services For Sellers

Herein we detail our services for sellers, as well as our technological marketing plan for your property. What Team Andruff offer you, as a person seeking to sell a property, or a SELLER:

  • Your personal gain is our aim as we attempt to secure YOU the most money possible on the sale of your property.

  • Your personal real estate requirements and needs will be heard and met by one of our Team Andruff Agents in a personal consultation visit.

  • You will come to understand the selling process as shared by one of our Team Andruff Agents.

  • You will experience transparency through frank and honest discussions related to the sale of your property.

  • You will garner an education on the various laws governing your sale.

  • You will gain from a comprehensive marketing strategy of your home.

  • You will benefit from staging suggestions targeted at highlighting the features of your property.

  • You will prosper, from more than 20 years of real estate experience, when negotiating a successful deal on your property, culminating in the draft and completion of an enforceable Contract of Sale.

  • You will be represented by an agent of RE/MAX Realty, the most recognized real estate company in Vancouver, BC and Canada.  RE/MAX is Number One!

Team Andruff Technological Marketing Plan for Your Property


  • Buyers rely less on the conventional mediums of promoting a property, such as newspapers and open houses, compared to the past.

  •  Contemporarily, most buyers use the Internet to research real estate, "...and turned more to online resources to get home buying information as well as to peruse homes for sale" (2009 National Association for REALTORS).

  • 90% of buyers today use the Internet (2009 National Association of REALTORS).

Team Andruff's Virtual Marketing Strategies
  • Your property will be featured on websites accessible to viewers from all corners of the globe.


  • Your property details will be available online 24 hours, seven days a week.


  • Your property will be featured, in pictorial and video formats, on Team Andruff's website,, that maintains over a million hits to date.


  • Your property's information will be beamed through the social media sites of Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


  • Your property details will be accessible and promoted to all registered realtors as our office is connected with the Real Estate Board's Multiple Listing Service system.


  • Your property will be promoted to our current and past clients.


  • Your property will be offered for open houses to realtors and the public in a secure fashion by one of our Team Members, as well as advertised on our Team Andruff websites, Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


  • Your property's attributes will be featured in a colourful four-page marketing brochure at all open houses and showings.


  • You will be offered personalized detailed electronic communication and feedback on your property through the Virtual Business Center program, as well as personal communication from our Team Members, highlighting all we have done to market your home to date.

If you are a thinking of selling, we want to do our best to meet your needs!

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