Moving Around Metro Vancouver Soon? 

Moving around Metro Vancouver soon?

Do you have that feeling, “Am I forgetting something?” Here is a helpful list of so many things to do when you are moving in and around the Metro Vancouver area!

Moving from one place to another can be a stressful time. There is so much to do to get everything organized. So here is my list of links and suggestions to help you through the process!

Once you’ve decided to move, do you plan to hire movers or move everything yourself? There are lots of options from good old do-it-yourself including reserving ahead for a U-Haul truck or trailer, to hiring packers and movers. Do you know about portable storage Pods (see below) that can be delivered to your curb?

Whatever method you choose, be sure to reserve the service well in advance to get the moving dates you want, especially for weekends and month end moves. As well, it is a really good idea to call around and get a few different quotes.

HOT TIP- If you choose to hire a moving company, ask them if they have liability insurance for goods damaged. What is their breakage policy? Also, make sure their workers are covered under Workers Compensation (WCB) in case a worker is accidentally hurt, or you may be liable!

Basically contact anyone that sends you a paper bill or invoice. Change your address:
- Post office: Set up mail forwarding, either by personally going to the post office or click on this link.... to change your residential address online. Do this in advance of moving and allow a minimum of 3 days for the post office to process your request and set up mail forwarding.
- Bank: Plus, consider moving your safety deposit box, closer to your new location.
- The Doctor, Dentist and Veterinarian.
- Credit card companies... Visa, MasterCard, gas cards, department store cards...
- Newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
- Automobile windshield stickers like
- City Hall - for resident-only parking stickers
- Service providers for Utilities --
- Gas (Fortis) (formerly Terasen Gas)
- BC Hydro/electric
- Telephones
- Internet
- TV Cable – Telus, Shaw, Rogers
- Life insurance companies
- Schools, giving notice to both the old and the new neighborhood school.

The Government of BC has a central change to make address changes easy click here
- Elections BC or Elections Canada
- MSP.
- ICBC – Change your driver’s license address.

– Always try and get your service disconnected the day before you move and set up at the new location also the day before you move for smoother transitions.
- About 6 weeks prior to moving, keep the return addresses or labels of any mail received to remind you of who to contact with your new address! Do the same thing again after you’ve moved, for mail that is habitually forwarded by the post office if a company is still using your old address.
- Make yourself some computer labels with your new address!
- Go online and register for paperless email invoices, phone bills, or bank statements!
- Email or contact friends and family, and anyone out of town that sends Christmas cards.

Insurance for your Possessions

Consider getting your antiques and jewelry appraised and take good photos before you move.
Take a photo inventory of everything you own as you pack, for insurance purposes. (Just make sure you don’t pack those photos with everything else or you may be out of luck!)
Check with your own Insurance Company to see how your belongings are covered in transit.

Repurpose your belongings (otherwise known as getting rid of junk!) Be Ruthless!

As you sort through all your stuff, make three piles. Identify each article in your home as “keep, toss, or donate.” For instance on clothing...if it is too short, too long, too small or too old...get rid of it. Really you won’t wear that old sweater to which you are emotionally attached!

HOT TIP: Professional image consultants say: “Do not keep more than three of the same clothing will never wear the 4th! (3 skirts, 3 blouses, 3 dress pants, 3 shorts, etc.)”

- Hold a Garage/Yard Sale.

- Sell or give away unused or unwanted items on Craigslist or Kijiji or eBay.

- Donate “still good” but unwanted or unused items (books, clothes, nick-nacks) to charities like Big Brothers (who will pick up... click here to and book an online appointment) or The Salvation Army.

Packing/Collecting boxes:
- Frog boxes are rentable, reusable, eco-friendly, moving boxes (they deliver and pickup).
- Grocery stores – Ask at produce departments for fruit boxes, as they often have lids.
- Liquor Store boxes are a good manageable size if they will part with them.
- Only use stackable boxes with lids, that fully close.
- Pack all related pieces together, in the same container, like rechargers/cords for Ipad/Kindle and phone.
- Number the boxes and keep a separate list of contents for each box.
- For fragile irreplaceable items, pack extremely well with extra bubble wrap. If possible designate a trustworthy friend to carefully transport these items for short distance moves. For longer distance moves, ask about the mover’s policy relating to packing valuables. Sometimes if the movers haven’t packed it, they won’t ensure it.

- “Pods”- These are large multi-purpose storage/shipping containers and are good for different types of storage needs, not just moving. They are good for storing decluttered items from your home prior to selling. The pods are delivered curbside. You load it up with boxes and furniture, possibly arranging for 2 friends or movers to do the heavy lifting for you. These pods can also be left curbside for weeks while homes are renovated. Once the pod is filled and ready to go, book it to be picked up and moved into storage or shipped to your new place...It is possible to have just this container moved rather than using a moving van.

Last minute things

-Create a “Pack Last Box” for items that you will need first on the other end like tools & bedding.

-Confirm a few days in advance with your truck rental or moving company as sometimes they overbook!